Best of Valencia City In Two Days!

Explore the best of Valencia City in 2 days!

Are you planning a short break in Valencia, Spain? If so, here is a comprehensive itinerary that enables you to visit some not to miss places. You can enjoy shopping, explore the city relax, eat good and watch a good show. Valencia city offers something for everyone and here is what we suggest you experience.

Day 1 in Valencia City

As in most of Spain, mornings in Valencia City start late. Shops and attractions open at around 10:00. This gives you plenty of time to start off with a good breakfast followed by a brisk walk to the nearest metro or bus station. A good time to catch your first train or bus is at around 9:15am

Valencia Science Museum Whats On Valencia

10:00 – 13:00 

Centro de Ciences e Artes. If you are into the arts and science, this is a great activity to experience. You can catch a bus or taxi to get there however it is not far from the Maritim Serreria metro station. You can choose a combo package to visit both the Oceanic and Science Center or else just one of them. If you visit both, this would take much longer than 2:30 hrs and would need until at least 15:00 to see most of the things. More information here:


You may indulge in a nicely prepared lunch from the same venue. There are different restaurants at the center itself however if you are just in need of a snack there is a small cafeteria that can provide you with something simple and good. If you don’t fancy lunch, you can move on straight to the next activity where you will also find some pretty good options to eat.

Neuvo Centro Valencia Spain


Neuvo Centro must be the largest shopping center in Valencia City and is situated just by the Turia Metro station, with access from the station itself. The center provides outlets specializing in electronics, clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes, toys and just about anything you can imagine.  With two supermarkets located in the center itself, cafeterias, restaurants, tapas bars and popular franchises, this place is a great place to spend time shopping or relaxing. El Corte Ingles, Spain’s most notorious and wide spread chain of high brands and exclusive shopping has an outlet there too. More information here:

El Corte Ingles Valencia City Spain


Leave this time to refresh yourself at your hotel or visit the city center by catching the metro to Plaza de Espana or Plaza De Toros. There you will find more shops, cafes and restaurants to indulge in, if that is what you prefer doing.

Plaza De Toros Valencia


There is something you to do at night during any visit to Valencia City. Shows, night clubs, restaurants and tapas bars are just a few of the choices available. Discover what’s on in Valencia during your visit by visiting our event calendar.

Day 2 in Valencia City

Start early around 10:00 and take this mid city wild park experience till about 13:30. Bio Park is a zoo of a different kind and offers an array of wild exotic animals. You will enjoy giraffes, elephants, lions, birds of prey and many types of wild animals from different continents. What makes this zoo different is that the animals are free from any cages and left in an open environment. They are free to wander around at their own will in massive, open (but constricted), areas making this one of the most animal friendly parks in Europe.  The park is just next to the Carrefour Supermarket/Shopping Center and the closest metro is the Nou de Ottubre metro station which is about 10 mins on foot from the Bio Park.

Bio Park Valencia Spain


You can have lunch at the Bio Park or else from Carrefour Supermarket across the road, which is cheaper. For something more traditional, try some of the restaurants offering the Menu’ del Dia.


15:00 – 17:00

Use this time to return to your hotel and refresh yourself from the long day at the park. You may also wan to relax at one of the several cafeterias across Valencia city and this is a suitable time to do so. If your energy level is high then why not have a walk down the Parc Gulliver?



This is a good time to shop or have a light snack and discover the beauty of Valencia City. There are various places to see and visit therefore choose one of your liking. The city is pretty much embellished with monuments, modern architecture and historic buildings providing something for everyone’s tastes.



As most countries offering great weather, Valencia offers great nightlife. People are vibrant, the city is buzzing and restaurants remain open till late. Those looking for great food can find this anywhere across the city. Various restaurants suiting any taste and budget remain open till late and it’s unusual to not enjoy a night out.

Valenciua City Spain Night

Those searching for fun can visit the Ruzafa area which targets a bohemian, contemporary and young at heart crowd. For the more energetic beings, you will also find various night clubs in the same area. Other clubs in the area offer stand up comedy and various other acts. Many of the events in Ruzafa are listed here however you will discover many that are not listed anywhere. Those looking for a small fortune can try their luck by a visit to the Valencia Casino. Apart from machines and tables, the casino offers various shows on a regular basis.