Central Market Valencia – Mercat Central

Inside the Central Market in Valencia you will notice many vendors mainly selling food items, mainly fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. You can also find souvenir shops and tapas bars inside the market, each serving an authentic fresh taste of true Spanish food. 

Originally opened as an open air market in 1839, Central Market Valencia ( or Mercat Central in Spanish ) was named Mercat Nou ( New Market ). Now a roof covers the market with an area spreading over 8,000 square metres, making it one of the largest in Europe. Inside the market you will notice many vendors mainly selling food items, mainly fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. You can also find souvenir shops and tapas bars inside the market, each serving an authentic fresh taste of true Spanish food. Above all, it is an excellent place to spend a few hours in a true local Valencian manner.

Whats On Valencia - Central Market Valencia - Mercat Central Valencia Central Dome

Organisation and Architectural Design

Organisation of the market is through a type of street system where each isle or area is indicated by a sign, each bearing its own unique name as follows

  • Inner round.
  • Arquitecto Enrique Viedma corridor .
  • Benlliure corridor.
  • Blasco Ibáñez corridor.
  • Central corridor.
  • Sorolla corridor.
  • Luis Vives corridor.
  • Conde de Trenor corridor.
  • Músico Magenti corridor.
  • García Berlanga corridor.

The design of the roof is by Alejandro Soler and Francisco Vidal who won a contest held by the Valencian community. As a result, construction began in 1914 with collaboration with Luis Doemnech Montaner. Due to non completion for various reasons, it was eventually complete in 1928 by the Valencian architect Enrique Viedma Vidal. The roof itself, mainly colored window panelled glass, contains domes and several sections at different heights. Styled in a Valencian Art Nouveau style it bears an unusual roof. Materials such as wood, iron and ceramic splendour the area. The official history of the market can be found on its website at the following link https://www.mercadocentralvalencia.es/Mercado/HistoriaAsociacion.

Whats On Valencia - Central Market Valencia - Mercat Central Valencia Center Isle

Opening Times

The market opens from Monday – Saturdays between 7:00 and 15:00. It s closed on Sundays and on most local public holidays. It receives an average unload of 48,000 kg of fruit a day with around 15,000 kg of other foods.   Although there may be more, I can see 4 main entrances to the Central Market. One stands on either side of the building, the main front entrance and the back entrance. To really embrace the splendour of this building I suggest you experience entering it from the front main entrance.

A Step Inside

As soon as you step inside, you will notice the vast amount of tourists and locals alike who either come to experience the beauty of the place or purchase their dose of daily fresh products. You may also comes across some camera crews and bloggers as i did during my last visit. The vast amount of locals indicate that prices are fair and vendors do not take advantage of tourists. The products are mainly fresh and from what most seem organic as sizes and shapes are not as perfect as what you can find in a supermarket. There is a fish area. Butchers are in the perimeter area, next to the market walls.

Whats On Valencia - Central Market Valencia - Mercat Central Valencia Entrance

Most of the vendors selling fruit and vegetables offer fresh orange juice using the oranges on display at their stand. You will also find fresh fruit cocktails readily available to consume. The other stands selling meat offer samples of their products for one to try.  The choice of Spanish meat products on display could be a joy for meat lovers or a sore sight for vegans and veterinarians. Valencians, like all Spanish, are very proud of their meat products and are not afraid to display it.  Expect only the best and freshest quality on display in an extraordinary manner.

List Of Stalls

Here’s a list of the main things one can find at the Central Market Valencia:

  • All types of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Fresh poultry products such as chicken, turkey and of course eggs.
  • Fresh meat, all types such as beef, lamb and pork.
  • Fish and seafood.
  • Cheese of all types.
  • Cured meats, such as salami, ham as well as other specialities.
  • Various herbs and spices.
  • Nuts and dried fruits.
  • Pickles.
  • Tapas bars and restaurants.

According to the latest information on the official website there are 261 stalls. Of these, 185 are fresh food stalls, as follow:

  • 73 butchers and deli stalls.
  • 61 fruit and vegetable stalls.
  • 42 fish and seafood stalls.
  • 9 bakery stalls.

There is another 12 stalls offering prepared food and hospitality. Apart from those, 64 more stalls offer other type of supplies like a shoe mender and key cutter and souvenir stands amongst them. In other words, it is a most popular source for locals to see to their daily, weekly and monthly regular needs, for instance.

Services and Facilities

The market offers many facilities and services to ease and make safe the clients’ shopping experience. Such facilities include shopping trolleys, baby changing rooms and credit card payments possible at most of the vendors. As well as the facilities, services include security surveillance, customer care counter as well as a home delivery service.

Throughout the year, the market also organises various activities for one to enjoy. a list of latest activities can be found at this link here. From time to time you may find submission to our list of events including activities in relation to the Central Market on our calendar. Therefore be sure to submit to our notifications. You can also view a map of the market on the official website. In addition to familiarise you with the layout, it will help to facilitate and organise the time you intend to spend there. Follow this link to see and the interactive map here.

The official website offers much more information and latest news. Therefore, be sure to visit it before visiting the building as it will provide any latest update.

WhatsOnValencia.com - Central Market Valencia - Mercat Central Valencia - Daily Fresh Produce

In conclusion, make sure to visit the Central Market Valencia at some point or the other. Do this even if its just to experience the architecture of this unique building. However if you do go, it is not a bad idea to sample some of the finest local veg and meat products in Valencia.





Bike Ride Along Turia Gardens Valencia

Turia Gardens Valencia

One thing to do when visiting Valencia is to rent a bike and take a ride down the Turia Gardens Valencia. My name is Consuela and I enjoy visiting places and riding bikes. I want to take you on a ride I took myself hoping you will enjoy it. I made it a point to do this during my visit, it is a pleasant ride. The ride offers an opportunity to experience various communities and other things along the way.

Frequently stopping on the way to experience the various parts of the stretch of the ride, it took me 4 hrs – 5 hrs. See the route on the map below.

Turia Gardens Valencia

Your bike ride across Turia Gardens Valencia.

We start the ride from the ‘Cabecera Park’ at the upper part of the Turia Gardens Valencia. This is close to the Bio Parc.  The  (a) ‘Cabecera Park’ boasts a lake, with swans and ducks. Following the ‘Cabecera Park’ continue down until you will encounter a strip of city (b) offering weekend leisure for families. Kids have playgrounds to spend time in and the sportive have the sport grounds to exercise their sport. This makes it a great spot to exercise or spend time with your children. Further down you will encounter a huge public athletics stadium (c). Clubs, individuals and entities use it for their sporting events. The stadium is usually surrounded by onlookers, because it is a public stadium. Onlookers will be watching the competitions, practice sessions and/or sporting displays currently running.

Turia Gardens Valencia

The less popular part.

The next bridge further along our line is known to shelter the homeless of Valencia (d) . Although not so dangerous, it does provide an unpleasant surprise to those who are not familiar with Valencia. It is not advisable to visit this area at night times even though it is quite safe. However this advice does apply anywhere worldwide in similar areas. The following area (e) is most probably the best part of the garden to relax and enjoy the sun. Here you will come across many people laying on the grass whilst experiencing a tranquil time. Shadowy tree alleys with an atmospheric old bridge in the middle (f) is the next area to discover. This is another good spot to take a break from the ride and shelter from the sun. Great advice, especially if taking this trip during the hot summer days.

Approaching Some Of the Interesting Parts of the Turia Gardens Valencia

Further down, by the Torres de Serranos area, you will encounter a part of the gardens that is frequented by the Valencia Latino community. The community is existent all year round in this area, especially during weekends (g). Peruvians, Bolivians, Colombians and other South American communities, congregate here. As one big family they play football, drink, eat and listen to music, particularly of a Latino origin. The next part (h) is not so exciting for non football fans, since it is taken up by football pitches. However for those in love with the sport, it is one of the most active areas of the gardens.

History surround the Turia Gardens Valencia

Proceeding the previous area you will enter the boundaries of  the atmospheric Old Town Valencia. This part (i)  offers an historic landscape with buildings like the Museum of Fine Arts and the Gothic Temple on its banks. Statutes line Puente del Real (The Royal Bridge), one of the most outstanding and spectacular old bridges in Valencia (j). Following this you will find a wilder, shadowy public promenade (k).

An encounter with Santiago Calatrava Valls

(l) The incredible Calatrava bridge is owns the same style as its other counterparts. The bridge is named after its designer, Santiago Calatrava Valls. Santiago Calatrava Valls, a Spanish architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter, is particularly known for his bridges supported by single leaning pylons. Moving further down you will come across a pure bare space (m). Fairs, visiting circuses and festivals usually utilise this space.  The next part (n) contains the Puente de las Flores (Flower Bridge). This bridge, which joins the street with the Citadel to the Paseo de la Alameda, was opened in 2002. It owes its name to the rows of flowers that are on both sides of the bridge. Its decoration includes around 27,000 beautiful flowers of all colours, that vary throughout the seasons.

The following is interesting if riding with children

In this part (o) you will find a charming pond and an array of interesting flora by the river bed. Enhancing the aread you will see a spectacular bridge going across it. The section of Palau de la Musica (p) is a gorgeous space with alleys and fountains. The area gets very lively with public visiting at all times. The Gulliver, (q) is a curious giant playground for kids. A spread out Gulliver giant design, transforms kids into Lilliputians crawling all over him. This is not just a great attraction for kids, but also a spectacular architecture design for adults. Entrance to the Gulliver Parc is free and is a must go to, especially if you have children.

The area around the City of Arts and Sciences (r) is one of the the most spectacular parts of the gardens. It is very popular all year long, especially on weekends. Large green spaces, elegant garden designs ponds and alleys surround the place. Random artworks regularly decorate this place, providing something for everyone. The huge ponds surrounding the Science and Arts center, offer attractions such as rowing boats and other exciting activities. You will regularly find performers, concerts and exhibitions during different times of the year.

End of My Ride

This is where my ride along the Turia Gardens Valencia ends. In all, it is a great experience and I encourage anyone going to Valencia City to try it out. You will enjoy the sights and atmosphere along the way. Those who live in the city are lucky to have such a great stretch of experiences in one place. Owning your own bike is not a wasted investment if you live in Valencia. Those of us who are just visiting can rent a bike. There are many companies offering this service. You can rent a bike online from Rent Bike Valencia.

Download a map of Valencia from Rent A Bike Valencia Map .